TITLE: Working Memory, Emotion, and Cognition: 

Re-envisioning the Google Maps Mobile App for the Pedestrian User

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TITLE: Impact of Advancing Age on Visual Perception: A Design Evaluation of the TechnoSystems Excite Run 700 Treadmill User Interface

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TITLE: Role of Prior Knowledge in User Interface Design: How Metaphors Help and Hinder the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Graphic User Interface

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TITLE: Design and Usability Analysis of the mini-QWERTY Soft Keyboard on the iPhone 6

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TITLE: Mobile Technology for Children: Design Considerations, Concerns, and Opportunities

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TITLE: Examining the Reliability of Usability Evaluations

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TITLE: Evaluation of Usability Problem Prioritization Methods

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TITLE: Metacognition and Decision Making: A Design Evaluation of WebMD’s Physician Directory

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TITLE: Preattentive Visual Processing: A Design Evaluation of the IRS 1040 Tax Return Form

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TITLE: Heuristic Evaluation of the TripAdvisor Mobile App

DATE: 11/13/2015